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学术报告The quench dynamics of Rydberg-dressed bosons in 2D optical lattices

2019-11-25   审核人:

报 告 人:周一稼

主 持 人:王丽丽

时    间:2019年11月26日上午9:00

地    点:长春大学理学院五楼会议室



观点综述:Recent experiments have demonstrated that long-range interactions can be induced by laser dressing ground state atoms to electronically excited Rydberg states. When trapped in optical lattices, this permits us to realize extended Bose-Hubbard models with tunable interactions. In this work, we study quench dynamics of the dressed atoms in a two-dimensional optical lattice. Here, by decreasing the lattice potential height, the tunneling rate increases from a Mott insulator to supersolid and then superfluid phases. Using a Gutzwiller approach, we find a sudden birth of superfluid order parameters after Mott-supersolid phase boundary. However, superfluid order parameter does not increase monotonically due to the supersolid phase as an intermediate state, which is largely affected by long-range interactions. The details of the exotic dynamics can be observed by, e.g., time-of-flight experiments. Our study paves a route to exploring nonequilibrium many-body physics with Rydberg dressed atoms in lattice systems.